Tom Blyth: Tousled Caesar Haircut

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British actor Tom Blyth – aka Coriolanus Snow in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes – puts a contemporary spin on a classic Caesar haircut.

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Why We Love It:

MFH loves a choppy fringe and a textured just-woke-up-like-this finish. So, good job Tom Blyth’s tousled Caesar haircut well and truly delivers on both counts.

With its short cut and fringe, the Caesar hairstyle has gained timeless appeal thanks to its versatility and low-maintenance styling. You could stick with something softer like Tom, Justin Bieber and athlete Tom Daley, or even pair it with a fade like Post Malone.

Bonus: since your hair is styled forward, this can be a top chop if you’re conscious of thinning areas or a receding hairline.

Tom stars as Coriolanus Snow in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes – alongside the likes of Peter Dinklage – and sports a few different looks for the film, including a flowing blonde wig and bleached buzz cut.

“It felt freeing,” the actor told Entertainment Weekly of buzzing his hair. “It’s a great way, both as human and actor, to shed some layers to get to the core.”

Ooh, we can already hear our clippers calling…

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For Tom Blyth’s tousled Caesar haircut, your barber will give you a scissor cut with tapered short back and sides.
  • They’ll leave a little more length on top, including enough for a fringe. Tom’s choppy one sits an inch or so above his browline.
  • Your barber may use a point-cutting technique on top to create natural texture and movement.
  • A Caesar chop can also be teamed with a fade and different lengths, so chat to your barber about what style will best suit your hair and face shape.

Get The Look

  • Great news: Tom Blyth’s tousled Caesar haircut is relatively low maintenance in the styling stakes.
  • Start by using a few spritzes of sea salt spray on gently-towel-dried hair. Go for one with heat-protection properties, like ANFORH TVS, if you’re blow drying.
  • When your hair is dry, warm a pea-sized amount of lightweight matte- or natural-finish styling product in your hands. Run it through your hair, directing and shaping with that textured, tousled finish in mind.
  • Try to swerve product with too much shine or heaviness, as this could weigh your fringe down and make it look greasy.
  • Use your fingers – and a comb if needed – to move your fringe into place, separating the hair a little for choppiness. There you go. Nailed it!
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