Antonio Banderas: Caesar Cut With Short Fringe

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Spanish actor, Antonio Banderas, shows how to age gracefully and stylishly with this classic Caesar crop. Talk about fringe benefits…

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When you think of Antonio Banderas, you normally associate the Spanish smoothie with a thick head of lustrous black curls.

Rumour has it that he had a hair transplant a while back, so it’s ironic he has chosen this caesar style with a short fringe. After all, it is the hairstyle made famous by Julius Caesar, who used it as a way to hide his thinning locks.

Which is a reminder that even celebrities – and army generals from 1000BC – need a helping hand to stop Mother Nature in her tracks. And we fully support of that! If you have the money, of course.

Although we like this look on him, it’d be more flattering with a slightly longer, textured fringe.

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  • A softer look then the French crop, the caesar cut has more length on the back and sides, with  a shorter fringe.
  • You’ll want around 0.5-2 inches scissor cut all over.
  • The fringe of a caesar cut is short, but it should be a bit textured and natural looking (not as severe and straight as a French crop). But of course, allow your barber to give you a length that works for you.
  • You can of course modernise this look by going for a fade on the back at the sides.
  • Plus you can add more texture when you style it.



  • It’s pretty straight forward – just use a matt clay that helps add texture to the top and fringe with a matt finish.
  • Use a small amount and tousle through the hair with fingers.
  • Then for the fringe, break it into pieces with your fingers to give it a softer look.




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