Connor Finnerty: 90s Inspired Curtains Hairstyle With Volume And Undercut

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Actor Connor Finnerty leans into the nostalgic 90s with his gravity-defying curtains hairstyle.

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Actor and musician Connor Finnerty’s 90s-inspired curtains hairstyle delivers a playful dose of boyband nostalgia, while the edgy undercut brings it bang up to date. Oh, and that volume? Chef’s kiss.

What’s great about a curtains cut is how versatile it is. You could go short at the back and sides like Connor and model Rahi Chadda; or perhaps opt for a longer chop like Damian Hurley and The Summer I Turned Pretty’s Christopher Briney.

Curtains can even be teamed with a side part instead of a classic centre one, if you want to mix things up.

Now, ready to throw it back?

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  • For Connor Finnerty’s 90s-inspired curtains hairstyle, chat to your barber about the best approach for your hair type. If yours is very curly or wavy, for example, it might be better to keep a bit more length on top.
  • Connor has a centre part, while his curtains are styled with plenty of volume to curl and fall around his browline. Your stylist may leave them a little longer to allow for that styling.
  • He has an undercut – likely created with clippers – which pairs a super short back and sides with more length on top.
  • Book in for regular trims to keep your undercut fresh and to remove any split ends.
  • Connor Finnerty’s throwback hairstyle is all about volume, so treat yourself to nourishing haircare products with that in mind.
  • Create a centre part on towel-dried hair using a comb and your nose as a guideline.
  • Next, take a golf-ball-sized amount of volumising mousse (with heat protection) and use your hands to work it through your hair.
  • While you blow dry, push your curtains upwards and start to create height and that curled shape with a small round brush.
  • To finish, warm a pea-sized amount of styling clay, wax or pomade in your hands and run it through your hair. Use your fingers to add extra definition to your curtains at the front.
  • A spritz of dry shampoo can help to refresh and lift your roots between washes.
  • Top tips: give the can a good shake first and hold the spray at least four to six inches away from your head. Also try not to overdo it – too much dry shampoo can make hair look dull and dry, so play it safe by starting small and just adding more if needed.



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