Sam Fender: Straight Long Fringe Hairstyle

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Sam Fender’s long fringe and and tapered hairstyle is ideal for guys with super straight hair. We love how the singer works with his natural hair, not against it.

MFH says

classic but casual, long fringe layered hairstyle works really well on guys like singer Sam Fender who are laidback and effortlessly cool.

This style suits those with straight and even thin hair, although we recommend styling it with a clay and / or sea salt spray to add some texture.


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  • To get the same look as Sam Fender, ask your barber for a long fringe that skims your eyebrows.
  • You could opt for a fade on the sides, leaving the top layered, disconnected and at least layers 3 inches long.
  • On freshly washed damp hair, spritz on a texturising sea salt spray or prestyler if you want more volume or texture.
  • Leave to dry naturally for the undone, casual look that Sam favours.
  • Use your hands (not a comb) to style your fringe.
  • You could use a touch of wax to keep the texture in place all day.




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