Hugh Grant: 90s Heartthrob Hair Loosely Swept Back

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Icon of the 90s Hugh Grant spearheaded the trend for loosely swept back medium length hair that came to define that decade. Alongside other 90’s ‘heartthrobs’ with great hair like Leo and Brad, it’s a style that people still want 20 years later.

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Why We Love It:

Hugh Grant’s nonchalant swept-back floppy hair was a 90s icon in its own right. Playing William Thacker in 1999’s Notting Hill, the actor’s classic windswept style is definitely one we’d recommend recreating now over 20 years later.

Hugh has thick hair, so if you’re on the thin side reach for products that will offer volume – you could try a mousse.  If your hair is already thick you’ll want solutions that’ll give you a smooth finish, try a touch of pomade.


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • To get High Grant’s swept back hairstyle ask your barber for long layers and to style your hair with volume.
  • While you’re at the barbers pay attention to how they blow dry and style your hair into Hugh’s famous loose look. You’ll be able to pick up a few tips and tricks while in the chair.

Get The Look

  • It’s worth investing in a good hairdryer so you can recreate this classic 90s look with ease at home.
  • When your hair is towel dry apply a mousse through the mid-section, use sparingly at first! Then blowdry your hair sweeping it up and back to using a vent brush. Be sure to get lots of volume through the front, so never brush hair flat always up and back.
  • If you’re more low maintenance leave hair to dry naturally, then add a touch of pomade to get a light shine.
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