Blow-dried Back Medium Length Tapered Hairstyle

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This blow-dried back medium length tapered hairstyle is ideal if you’ve got wavy hair. It can be worn blow-dried back or swept to the side.

MFH says

A blow-dried back medium length tapered hairstyle works really well with wavy or curly hair types.

You can either wear your taper blow-dried back or brushed to the side.

We think the smooth and classic style looks really great on the model’s naturally wavy hair, but you can add texture if you have straight hair with a volumising spray. Don’t weigh the look down with lots of product though, a spritz of light hold hairspray does the trick.

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  • To nail the wavy tapered hairstyle ask your barber for a scissor cut all over, leaving the top layers 3-4 inches at least.
  • Then you want them to trim round the edges tight and leave enough length on the sides to be able to comb the hair back.
  • You should get a taper on the neck, with your barber starting with a grade 2 and going down.
  • You can then either ask them to style it  blow-dried back or loosely swept to one side. Either way, it’s a classic look.
  • Be prepared to invest in a hairdryer as it’s crucial to crafting the quintessential blow-dried back tapered hairstyle.
  • On freshly washed damp hair, spritz on a texturising or sea salt spray.
  • Using a vent brush and a hairdryer blow dry your fringe to the side.
  • Don’t weigh down the hairstyle with heavy products like clays, gels and waxes, but instead use a lightweight hairspray instead.



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