Douglas Booth: Straight Side Parted Hairstyle

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Douglas Booth’s medium length side parted hairstyle is ideal for straight hair. The layered hairstyle can be worn blow-dried back or swept to the side, just like the actor does.

MFH says

classic but casual, medium length layered hairstyle works really well with a deep side parting like Douglas’.

You can either wear it brushed back or with a tousled side parting just like actor Douglas Booth. This style suits both straight and wavy hair textures alike, we recommend styling it with a wax and / or sea salt spray to bring some edge to the look.


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  • To nail Douglas Booth’s straight side parted hairstyle ask your barber for a tapered scissor cut all over, leaving the top at least layers 3-4 inches long.
  • The classic style should be left long enough on the sides and the back to showcase the relaxed cut – this style isn’t about precision!
  • On freshly washed damp hair, spritz on a texturising sea salt spray or prestyler if you want more volume or texture.
  • Use a comb of your hands to get your side parting in place.
  • Leave to dry naturally for the undone, casual look that Douglas favours.
  • You could use a touch of wax to keep the texture in place all day.




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