David Gandy: Medium Length Hairstyle With Widow’s Peak

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Male supermodel, David Gandy, has all the good looks and a great hairstyle to match. His classic style is to keep length all over, with volume and texture in the top. By combing the hair back it reveals an obvious widow’s peak.

MFH says

Let’s be honest, David Gandy could do anything to his hair and he’d still look great.

By adding loads of volume to the hair on top, this elongates his diamond face shape and adds a young, contemporary edge to his look.

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  • Make your barber aware if you have a widow’s peak.
  • This is a medium length hairstyle, so keep enough length all over, particularly in the top.
  • Scissor cut.
  • David Gandy doesn’t overstyle his hair, but he definitely uses some product to keep it in place, and also to add volume.
  • Use a mousse or thickening spray in pre-styling, before drying the hair, to build up volume.
  • Apply a small amount of clay to keep it pushed back and with plenty of texture.
  • Use your hands (for a more natural look), or a wide-toothed comb to push the hair back.



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