Ryan Reynolds: Short Back And Sides With Textured Quiff

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Smooth, successful, and funny AF, Ryan Reynolds’ short back and sides with textured quiff is his classic, polished hairstyle of choice.

Proof that when you find a style that works for you that doesn’t date, there’s no need to mess.

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Why We Love It:

He might have dyed wife Blake Lively’s hair during lockdown but he doesn’t take a risk with his own barnet. Because Ryan Reynolds’ short back and sides with textured quiff has been a look he’s stuck with for nigh on 20 years.

But hey, if it works, why mess? And if Blake Lively likes it then who are we to argue?

While we can’t find out any specific hair secrets he’s spilled about (probably because he only makes small tweaks to his shorter at the sides/longer at the top look), he did tell GQ.com what his number one grooming item is.

Drumroll please…”probably a beard trimmer. I don’t shave a lot with a razor, I just use a trimmer so I don’t get an unruly Canadian lumberjack beard.” he admitted.


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • If you’re after Ryan Reynolds’ short back and sides with textured quiff ask your barber for a short back and sides with more length on top.
  • The sides are approximately slightly less than half an inch in length.
  • You need length on the top – Ryan’s hair looks to be around 1.5 inches. Your stylist should layer this to remove ‘weight’ and so that it’s easy to style.
  • The back and sides should be tapered subtly towards the neck with scissors.
  • While you’re at the barbers ask how they’re styling your hair and what products they’re using to achieve Ryan’s polished but slightly textured  quiff.

Get The Look

  • To style this Ryan Reynolds’ short back and sides with textured quiff look?  You can let it dry naturally. Or, if in a rush, use a hairdryer on medium heat.
  • Apply a styling pomade or paste/clay through the top of the hair.
  • Using your fingers guide the front of your hair into a quiff and to add a little texture (not too much) to the top of the hair.
  • Ryan has likely used a little product to smooth down the sides and back of his hair, too, to finish the look and give it extra red carpet polish.
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