Modern Messy Quiff

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This modern take on a classic cut focuses on the natural movement of the hair. It will work for anyone who has fine hair, but a high density of hair – keeping it longer on top and short on the sides.

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Why We Love It:

A modern take on a classic. The taper keeps the hair neat and tight, with the quiff taking pride of place in this style. If you have a beard like Timothy, make sure it’s faded into the sideburns and around the ears.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Keep it long on top and short on the sides.
  • Long layers in the top.
  • For the back and sides, with the clippers start on a grade 3, and move down to a zero at the base of the neck.
  • Tidy up the neckline and around the ears for a precise, defined and super-neat finish.
  • For the beard, leave it longer around the chin and neaten up the edges.
  • Facial hair should be kept square to enhance the jawline.
  • Ask for a steam and hot towel to soften the skin and open up the pores.

Get The Look

  • Charlie didn’t want to cut a huge amount off the length of the hair; as his style is all based around natural movement. 
  • In terms of hair type, Timothy has relatively fine hair, but he loads of it.
  • After washing the hair, Charlie started by cutting a flat side parting into Timothy’s hair. He has a layer of hair that grows at an awkward angle, which can change direction. By leaving the top layer a bit heavier, it creates weight in the hair, helping to stop it from spiking or sticking up. 
  • Charlie took around 2 centimeters off the top of the hair, and around the front, going freehand with scissors. 
  • The focus of this haircut was on the sides and back of the hair, rather than on the top. 
  • After cutting the top, Charlie sectioned the hair – top from sides – and blow-dried the sides.
  • Into the back and sides, Charlie started with a 3 grade on the clippers; and moving gradually down into a 2.
  • He then tapered down into a zero at the base of the neck.
  • Charlie took his time with this to make sure there was an extremely precise and smooth graduation.
  • He tidied up the neckline and around the ears to create a defined and super-neat finish.
  • Charlie then used scissor over comb to remove the weight line and some of the bulk.
  • From the hair, it was onto the beard.
  • Timothy has really great facial hair growth; but Charlie wanted to neaten it; tapering it to tidy it up.
  • He sat Timothy back in the barber chair, and starting from the sides – under the ears –  he used the clippers to taper from a 2 up to a 4 as he moved down the face and beard – leaving it longer around the chin. 
  • He then moved on to outline and neaten up the shape of the beard with the clippers. 
  • Sitting up, Charlie moved on to square off the moustache and beard – making the length more uniform.
  • A top tip is to keep facial hair square. This helps to accentuate and define the jawline.  
  • He finished with a steam and hot towel. This opens the pores, softens the skin and is hugely relaxing!
  • Using some Shiseido Men Shaving Cream and a cut-throat razor, Charlie shaved around the beardline, onto the cheeks, and on the neck. He removed the stubble on the neck to create a sharp finish. 
  • With fine hair, like Timothy’s, it’s all about building structure in the hair. So into styling, Charlie started with Aveda Texture Tonic to pre-style. This product works similarly to a sea salt spray – coating the hair whilst giving it a really matt finish.
  • When drying the hair, Charlie used a round brush to create height and volume in the top. He used a curling technique that straightens the hair out whilst creating a natural-looking curve. 
  • Charlie finished styling the hair using Aveda’s Grooming Clay. Charlie wanted to get some moisture back into the hair, and to prevent it going flakey he combined it with a small amount of Kevin Murphy Free Hold.
  • With the remaining product on his hands, Charlie lightly worked it through Timothy’s beard to add some shape.
  • And finally, to keep everything in place, he used Bumble and bumble’s Does It All Hairspray, to provide a natural-looking, light hold.
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