Blonde Skin Fade With Long Top

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This haircut has become a modern classic. The skin fade is all about upping the contrast between the top lengths and sides; whilst the styling pushes the boundaries of texture and volume.

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Why We Love It:

I love the contrast between the super-long quiff top and the shaved sides. It works particularly well with Gabriel’s blonde hair. I would, however, say that this is haircut and style that is more naturally suited to younger guys. That said, If you’re older and want to try it, go for it. It’s all about having the confidence to pull it off!

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Skin fade on the back and sides.
  • Obvious disconnection between the sides and top
  • Long quiff / keep the length of the hair long on top.

Get The Look

  • Starting with a grade 3, Anthony isolated the length on the sides to neaten up the disconnection. He then went in with a zero as a guide line, before blending it up into a 1, then a 2. 
  • Moving onto the top, Anthony wanted to keep the length so Gabriel could be versatile in styling. 
  • Anthony isolated the fringe first, and then from the midsection of the hair to the back of the crown, he worked from short to long, going shorter towards the crown. 
  • He worked with vertical sections, every section being directed towards the centre to allow more weight and length on the sides, whilst maintaining a bit of internal texture throughout.
  • For the fringe, he subdivided the hair into horizontal sections and removed some weight by deep point cutting. This really adds to the final desired texture.
  • Anthony first dried Gabriel’s hair with a flat brush, before moving to a round brush to straighten and soften out the edges. 
  • For styling, it was all about Hanz De Fuko’s Quicksand. This is the perfect product for this sort of style as it accentuates the texture and achieves a dry-beachy look.
  • Quicksand is a very lightweight wax but the outcome you get from it is a very heavily textured finish. It also works as a great alternative to sea salt sprays or powders. These can be harder to disperse through the hair whereas a wax is pliable. 
  • Anthony really works the product throughout the lengths of the hair to give it this beachy, lived in look. 
  • If you have fine hair, use a small amount to make it appear instantly thicker; and if you have thick hair, layer the product to achieve a gravity-defying look with a lightweight finish. 
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