Lewis Hamilton: Braided Hairstyle

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Formula 1 superstar, Lewis Hamilton, keeps his afro-textured hair neat and stylised with tight and symmetrical plaited braids. This hairstyle definitely calls for the hands of a professional barber with such even sections and tidy hairline.

MFH says

There’s no denying that Lewis Hamilton’s hair has really changed over the years.

Some would argue that he’s had a hair transplant. If so, he really is a success story!

This style looks great on him.

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  • Find a barber experienced with Afro-Caribbean hair.
  • Braids.
  • Sectioned hair.
  • Keep the hair long.
  • Use a razor to cut the perimeter of the hair and keep it as neat as possible.
  • The hair needs to be plaited tight and pulled back off the face for the braids to lie flat.
  • Pull the hair back and use a hair tie to bring it into a pony tail.
  • Keep the neckline/perimeter trimmed and tidy.
  • Keep the hair and scalp conditioned by using a shea-based product, especially around the edges.



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