Quyen Mike: Sleek Comb-Over Hairstyle With Side Part

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Photographer Quyen Mike’s comb-over hairstyle with side part takes a chic-and-sleek classic to a whole new level.

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Why We Love It:

Quyen Mike’s sleek comb-over hairstyle with side part is smooth, sophisticated and absolutely timeless. MFH also loves that rogue front curl for upping the red-carpet ante.

Pictured here at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2023, the photographer, creative director and digital content creator (who has worked with the likes of La Mer, Chopard and Paul Smith) rocks this kind of volume-packed, side-swept hairstyle on the regular.

After all, it’s a classic for a reason. Comb-over styles and side parts suit most face shapes, plus the top length offers so much versatility.

Whether you’re after sleek and chic like Mike, or a look that’s more tousled and textured, consider it a surefire winner.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For Quyen Mike’s sleek comb-over hairstyle, ask for a side part with tapered or short back and sides. You could also opt for a fade, depending on the look you’re after.
  • Your barber will leave more length on top for styling versatility.
  • They’ll likely use a scissor-over-comb haircutting technique to create shape and a softer style.
  • Not sure whether to go left or right with your side part? A good starting point: comb your hair forwards when damp and leave it for a few seconds, then see which side of your head your hair naturally starts to separate on.

Get The Look

  • To score a look like Quyen Mike’s comb-over hairstyle, use a comb to create your side part on towel-dried hair.
  • Next, work in some volumising pre-styling product, like a mousse, spray or powder. Blow drying? Look for one that offers heat protection, like ANFORH TVS.
  • After drying your hair, warm a pea-sized amount of high-shine pomade or wax between your palms. Or track down a more matte styler for a less glossy look.
  • Work the product through your hair, then use a comb to sweep your hair back off your face and over to the side. Make sure to maintain some volume and that strong part.
  • Gently separate a strand at the front and use your fingers to style it into a neat curl over your forehead.
  • Finish with a spritz of hairspray to keep your look in place, if needed.
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