Ed Westwick: Short Textured Hairstyle

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Ed Westwick sported a sleeker look in his Chuck Bass Gossip Girl days, but he has opted for a more textured short hairstyle in recent years.

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Why We Love It:

Ed Westwick’s go-to is a short hairstyle worn brushed up or with a quiff to accentuate his textured cut.

We have to say we miss Ed’s sleek Chuck Bass hairstyle from his Gossip Girl era, but good to see he’s mixed things up a little with this textured style.

Sea salt spray or clay and are essential for adding volume to your look.


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Ask your barber for a textured cut to achieve Ed Westwick’s hairstyle.
  • They’ll use either a texturising shear or razor, or, a scissor technique designed to add different lengths in the hair, such as point cutting.
  • This is a short-medium length hairstyle, so keep enough length all over, particularly in the top so you can style it easily.

Get The Look

  • Ed Westwick’s hairstyle doesn’t call for precision when it comes to styling. Which is good news for those that like to keep things simple.
  • Use spray sea salt spray on damp hair and leave to air dry.
  • Apply a small amount matte clay to add texture in certain areas like the top and front and use your hands to create a more natural, tousled look.
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