Will Sharpe: Slicked Back Curly Hair With Strong Side Part

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Will Sharpe’s usual Beatles-esque, curly mop top was given a little gloss-over for the BAFTAS red carpet with this slicked back look and extreme side part. And MFH loves the White Lotus star’s glow up…


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Why We Love It:

We bet even White Lotus star [he played tech nerd Ethan] Will Sharpe didn’t think his thick,  curly  hair would look so damn good in a slicked back style with a severe side part.

But it’s giving – as the kids say – serious thirst trap vibes.

What’s so great about this hairstyle is that you can still see that Will has gloriously thick, shiny curls, but it just looks a little more polished and tamed for the BAFTAS TV Awards.

Given Will was wearing custom, head-to-toe Fendi, MFH isn’t surprised he opted for a slicker look for his barnet…

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • To get Will Sharpe’s thickwavy, haircut, your barber should use scissor over comb, rather than clipping.
  • Will’s hair is long on the top, slightly shorter at the sides (but covering the ears).
  • His hair has been left a bit longer at the back – it reaches the top of his collar – for a softer look.
  • Read the How To section for how to style it into Will’s slick BAFTAS style…

Get The Look

  • Will Sharpe’s slicked back curly  with strong side part is, of course, all about the product.
  • Use a comb to put a severe side part in your hair – Will’s is parted low on the left hand side.
  • Then run some high-shine wax or gel through it, ensuring the hair is covered.
  • Start small with the product, and build it up gradually.
  • Dry the hair on a low heat, and using a vent brush to style the hair over to the side.
  • Brush the hair down at the sides and back as you dry it.
  • Use a little more product at the end to smooth down any stray hairs, and to give the fringe area a little lift.
  • Scrunch the curls at the back of the head to give them a little shape and volume.
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