Fashion-Forward Mullet

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This haircut is for those of you looking for a fashion-forward and editorial look. Inspired by the Britpop era, the haircut focuses on keeping the length in the back and sides to create a slight mullet.

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Why We Love It:

A twist on a Britpop classic. This cut and style work perfectly for Louis. It’s edgy, fashion-forward and surprisingly easy to style at home.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Keep the length in the sides.
  • Keep it longer down the back of the neck.
  • Keep the fringe shorter in the middle.
  • A razor should be used to create texture.
  • A diffuser can be used to dry the hair and set the texture in place.

Get The Look

  • From the consultation, Matt noticed Louis has quite fine hair. It was in need of a bit of taming and style cut in. 
  • Matt shampooed Louis’s hair twice to really cleanse it, and conditioned it using Kevin Murphy’s Re.Store treatment.
  • Louis naturally has amazing red coloured hair, but this type of hair is naturally more coarse. If you have auburn or red hair, make sure you use products that moisturise the hair.
  • After washing, Matt sectioned the hair; the top, back, sides and fringe. Sectioning the hair enables the barber to have more control over the shape of the cut.
  • Using a scissor cut, Matt started on the sides. He didn’t want to take too much length off, but he needed to remove some of the weight to make the hair sit flat against the head. He worked his scissors just above the ear, moving forwards.
  • From there he moved to the nape of the neck and worked up, through the back. At the crown, he used the shape of the head as a guide and cut it shorter than at the base of the neck. 
  • Moving to the fringe, which is a key feature of this style, Matt over-directed the hair – pulling it back on itself – to create a shortness in the middle. 
  • He kept it slightly longer on the sides which helped avoid a very square and mod shape.
  • Once the cut was finished, Matt used a razor to texturise the hair and remove some of the bulk, particularly around the back of the head and on the sides. It is best to avoid thinning scissors for this as it can disrupt the base shape. 
  • Using detailers, Matt tidied up the neckline for a crisp finish. 
  • Just before drying the hair, Matt applied a small amount of Kevin Murphy Easy Rider to Louis’ hair. This was to prep the hair and give it a more lived-in feel. 
  • For drying, Matt used clips to pinch the hair. He then used a diffuser to set the hair in place. For anyone who wants to create and maintain a soft wave in the hair, a diffuser is perfect as it stops the direction of airflow. Using a regular nozzle hairdryer will blast it straight and remove the movement.
  • Once it was dry, the clips were removed and the hair was finished by using a tiny bit of Kevin Murphy Free Hold, before spraying with Aveda’s Controlforce firm hold hairspray. 
  • For anyone wanting to create this style, use products that are soft and easy to apply and that can be applied on damp or dry hair. Drier waxes will be harder to apply and will sit too heavy.
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