Haircut For Thick Asian Hair

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This style is for those of you with extremely straight, dense, or more specifically, Asian hair. This hairstyle has a distressed, lived-in look with plenty of definition and volume.  

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Why We Love It:

I absolutely love this style. The hair looks thick and full of volume! Play with product to up the height or sweep it back close to your head.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Consult with your barber to identify the natural direction of the hair, and where the weight sits.
  • Keep the length, particularly on the top and sides.
  • A messy, distressed finish in the styling.
  • Hair to be swept back off the face, and to the side of the natural parting.
  • Top tip for Asian hair: either go very short or keep the length – anything in between and the hair will stick out and won’t sit well.

Get The Look

  • Asian hair tends to be very thick and straight so Anthony decided he would need to remove some of the weight, but not take too much length off. Too short, and this type of hair will start to stick out. 
  • After washing Christopher’s hair, Anthony applied a small amount of Hanz De Fuko Gel Triq through the lengths of the hair. Applying a gel to thick hair like this, makes it easier to control when sectioning and cutting the hair. 
  • Into sectioning the hair, and Anthony isolated the top from the bottom, creating a horseshoe section. He used the recession points as a guideline. 
  • Taking the hair in the lower part of this section, Anthony started to trim the hair to create a base shape. He used the point cutting technique to give the ends of the hair a soft finish. If it was cut straight across, it would leave obvious lines across the back of the head and wouldn’t lie flat.
  • He used this point cutting technique around the back of the head, as well as on the sides, paying particular attention to the area above the ears – making sure the hair sits correctly.
  • He also softly point cut the perimeter of the hair, working along the neckline and up towards the ears. He didn’t want this to be overly neat, and a softer ‘unfinished’ edge works better for straight Asian hair. 
  • Anthony re-sectioned the hair, moving higher up the weightline and used the same cutting technique. He only trimmed the hair here as he didn’t want to lose too much of the length.
  • Moving onto the top of the head, Anthony isolated the fringe from the rest of the hair. The remaining hair on the top was combed into the natural parting. Taking a section closest to the parting line, Anthony elevated the hair vertically and cut the hair to create a guide length. 
  • Progressing through the hair, each section was overdirected back to this point. This helped to maintain the length. 
  • After Anthony was happy with the length and shape, he moved onto the fringe which he also elevated and cut vertically. For this versatile style, the fringe only needed a small trim. After trimming, he combed it back to make sure the length sat well with the rest of the hair. 
  • To tidy everything up, Anthony used detailers just to get rid of any stray hairs on the base of the neck and around the sideburns. He also went over the back with scissor over comb to visually soften any sharp edges of obvious lines.
  • To dry the hair, Anthony used a round brush which helped build volume into the style, as well as using the brush to flatten down the sides. Using the brush he raised the fringe and dried it vertically whilst pushing it back to create a swept-back look.
  • He finished with a flat brush, and the hairdryer, to smooth the hair.
  • After the hair was fully dried, Anthony went back in with the scissors and deep point cut the hair to remove any visible bulk. 
  • Hair like Christopher’s can grow very quickly, and very densely, so it’s important to remove some of the weight.
  • For styling, Anthony used Hanz De Fuko’s TWO TON Pomade. As you can see, it has a very high hold, but can still be played with and manipulated. It works really well for this type of hair, particularly black hair, as it leaves a more obvious satin sheen.
  • If you are using the TWO TON Pomade, just be aware it can quickly become quite tacky in the hands, so make sure you work it really well into the lengths of the hair. It is this tackiness that really does give the hairstyle a high hold.
  • To help style the hair and create definition, Anthony used a wide-tooth comb, pushing the hair back off the face and to one side, holding the style in place. He also used his fingers to tweak the hair. 
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