Jordan Barrett: Textured Shaggy Mullet

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We’re not sure what to envy the most here – Jordan Barrett’s textured shaggy mullet (shullet?) which is the ultimate in sexy dishevelment, or his magnificent bone structure.

Oh and there’s the small fact that he’s a super-successful male model, too.

MFH’s envy-o-meter just spontaneously combusted.


MFH says

Jordan Barrett’s textured shaggy mullet (or shullet, as MFH has dubbed it) is just the kind of boyband-friendly look the kids are going crazy for these days.

With a nod to the 90s (and Damian Hurley’s recent cut) Jordan’s hairstyle is a soft, flattering look that can hide a multitude of things some of us might be self-conscious about – from big foreheads to jug ears and receding hairlines.

Plus, if you’re lazy, Jordan’s hair has the kind of bedhead vibe that just needs a quick tousle before leaving the house.

Frankly, MFH thinks the world needs more shullets right now.

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  • Jordan Barrett’s textured shaggy mullet might look like a simple style, but it’ll need skilled scissor person to get the look right.
  • It’s all about getting the layering and texturing just right or it will be hard to style and won’t sit well.
  • Jordan’s hair is slightly shorter at the side, has choppy texture at the top and is longer at the back.
  • So it’s best to speak to your stylist about what length will work best for your face shape and hair type.
  • Luckily Jordan Barrett’s textured shaggy mullet doesn’t need too much work because it’s all about being slighly dishevelled.
  • If you don’t want to put much effort in, then just wash and go.
  • You can just tousle a teeny bit of matt clay or similar through it before leaving the house.
  • Want to give it a bit of oomph like Jordan’s hair?
  • Then spritz sea salt spray throughout your hair.
  • As you blow dry it, scrunch it a bit to give it Jordan’s texture.
  • When your hair is fully dry, apply a 5p sized amount of mattcl ay/pomade (rubbing it between your fingers to warm it first) and tousle it some more with your fingers.



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