Presley Gerber: Textured Short Hairstyle

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Another lucky lad who has hit the genetic jackpot (he’s the son of Cindy Crawford and bro of current ‘It girl’ model Kaia Gerber), Presley Gerber’s textured, short, hairstyle really shows off that fabulous (albeit inherited) bone structure.

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Why We Love It:

Presley Gerber’s textured, short, blonde hairstyle is a great look for anyone with fine hair who enjoys playing around with product.

It’s a pretty versatile look too – you could also sweep it across in a side parting and slick it down for a suave, 1940s look.

Or you could even style it up into a messy, textured quiff, too.

You could also borrow from Justin Bieber’s hair playbook and dial down the texture and wear it as a more modern Caesar cut as he had here.


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Presley Gerber’s textured, short, blonde hairstyle is a fun, youthful look.
  • The sides and back have been clipper cut into a short back and sides sitting close to the head
  • The hair has been skilfully blended into the longer lengths at the top, which has been jagged cut for texture and shape.

Get The Look

  • Presley Gerber’s textured, short, blonde hair is something that can be wash and go or you can spend more time on it if you want.
  • Use a silver/purple toned shampoo once a week to keep the blonde looking fresh and on point.
  • Try not to wash it that often as the textured look will work on slightly grittier, 2nd or 3rd day hair.
  • Use some dry shampoo in between washes to give it a bit of extra grit, too.
  • To get Presley’s textured look, it’s all about tousling some wax or pomade throughout.
  • Then blow dry it while tousling the hair into Presley’s messy look.
  • After it’s dry, tousle a tiny bit more product through the hair on top to add a bit more messy texture.
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