Max Minghella: Quiff With Short Back And Sides

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Max Minghella’s quiff with short back and sides is a classic look with old-school movie star vibes.

It’s a dash of James Dean, just a pinch of Elvis Presley, with a side order of relaxed, 21st Century texture.



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Why We Love It:

Handmaid’s Tale actor Max Minghella’s quiff with short back and sides is not just a classic look full stop, but it has been his favoured hairstyle for years.

And while it suits him and opens up his amazing features (those lips!) MFH can’t help but hanker for him to do something a little different.

A buzz cut? A sharp side parted quiff style with an extreme fade? A choppy, tousled textured look like this?

We’ve put the challenge out there Max…


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Max Minghella’s quiff with short back and sides is a classic look that’ll suit most face shapes.
  • It’s cut short around the sides and back and and tapered quite tightly at the back.
  • You’ll need more length at the the front and on top so that you can style it into a small quiff like Max’s hair.
  • Get your barber to point cut to add texture through the top of the hair, too.

Get The Look

  • Max Minghella’s quiff with short back shouldn’t take too much effort to style.
  • It helps that Max has thick, wavy hair that has lots of natural movement.
  • After washing, if you need a little oomph (if your hair is fine/prone to sit flat), add a volumising product first.
  • take a little wax or clay or pomade into your hands and rub together.
  • Lightly brush through the hair. Work back to front, and then front to back to ensure it’s worked throughout hair.
  • Work your hands through your hair, teasing the hair up into a quiff.
  • You can also use a hairdryer on medium heat and tease the quiff up using a vent brush for more oomph.
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