Machine Gun Kelly: Textured Pink Hairstyle

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Known for his bleached blonde bedhead, Rapper Machine Gun Kelly’s textured pink hairstyle proves that candy colours aren’t just for teenage girls.

MFH says

MFH has called it – Rapper Machine Gun Kelly’s textured pink hairstyle is his best look yet.

Sure, his Billy Idol-lite bleached blonde bedhead vibe was a good look too, but the colour had a tendency to make his complexion look a little sallow.

Whereas this candy shade gives him that ‘just got back from a month in the Seychelles’ rather than the ‘just woke up with kebab on my face after an all-night party.’

Plus the textured style gives his fine hair fullness and volume which balances out his thin, angular face too.

It’s a win/win look for MGK.


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  • For Machine Gun Kelly’s textured pink hair look, discuss with your barber what tone you want first and they’ll work with you on a colour that will suit your complexion and eye colour.
  • MGK’s hair is a light, mousy brown naturally. But whatever your hair colour, you’ll need to have your barnet bleached first, then dyed pink after that.
  • And it’s a quite lengthy process, too, so you’ll need to be prepared to sit in the salon for at least two-three hours a time. NB: Don’t be tempted to bleach it at home because you can end up making your hair fall out.
  • Be aware that pink fades super quickly, so you’ll have to go back regularly (or find a semi permanent colour you can top it up with at home).
  • MGK’s hairstyle is around 2 inches long, choppy and textured at the top/front and tapered slightly at the sides and back.
  • Machine Gun Kelly’s textured pink hairstyle is about the product in the first photo.
  • Don’t wash your hair every day – the hairstyle works best on second or third day hair. Plus washing it too much will fade the pink really quickly.
  • Wet your hair in the shower, then gently towel dry it.
  • Work a volumising product (mousse, mist or cream) through the hair – applying it to the roots of the hair.
  • Spritz some sea salt spray all over the hair, then blow dry it, scrunching it and messing it as you go.
  • In between shampoos, use dry shampoo to give the hair some grit.
  • Use a gentle, natural colour-preserving shampoo and conditioner to stop the pink from fading so quickly.



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