Jon Kortajarena: Textured Dyed Blonde Hair

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Spanish model and actor Jon Kortajarena’s textured dyed blonde hair is his most adventurous look to date. Famed for his razor sharp cheekbones, brooding dark looks and his bouffant brunette quiff, MFH salutes him for this drastic change up.


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Why We Love It:

His face and his hair are his fortune (he’s modelled for everyone from Versace and Tom Ford to H&M and Zara), so MFH was surprised to see Jon Kortajarena with this textured dyed blonde hair instead of his classic, dark-brown quiff.

A little digging hasn’t given us any intel on whether it’s for a new ad campaign or an acting job, so we’ll just have to assume the 37-year-old got a little bored.

Although MFH is all for people taking hair risks, neither the yellowy blonde in the first shot, or the pink toned platinum hue in the second shot do his olive complexion any favours.

And due to his long face shape and insane bone structure, his face looks best when his hair has volume and height – hence his usual penchant for a more voluminous quiff look.

That said, we love that he’s tried something different (while secretly hoping he goes back to brunette, pronto).





What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Jon Kortajarena’s textured dyed blonde hair best suits someone who has naturally dark blonde or light brown hair.
  • Always discuss what blonde tone to go for with your stylist first. They’ll advise you what will work with your skin-tone and eye colour best.
  • Be aware that unless your natural colour is quite light, the regrowth will need attending to at least every four weeks.
  • And it’s a quite lengthy process, too, so you’ll need to be prepared to sit in the salon for at least two hours a time.
  • Jon’s haircut is short at the sides and looks to be around two inches on the top.
  • It is layered throughout the top for ease of styling and to take the heaviness out.

Get The Look

  • Jon Kortajarena’s textured dyed blonde hair is all about the product, especially in the first photo.
  • Wash and condition your hair.
  • Gently towel dry your hair so that it’s not sopping, but still damp.
  • Work through some hair gel or pomade – applying it from the mid-shaft to the tips of your hair.
  • Shape it using your fingers and a comb. (Jon’s hair is a slight up and over quiff look.
  • When you’ve got the look you want, spritz it thoroughly with hairspray to add to the holding power.
  • For Jon’s hair in the second photo, it’s all about blow-drying the hair, then giving it that messy texture with wax and hairspray.
  • The pink tone looks to be a wash-out colour he’s put in over the top of his bleached hair.
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