Jared Leto: Long Tousled Hairstyle

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We’ve come to expect actor Jared Leto’s long, tousled hairstyle to always look the business on the red carpet.

And the age defying star hasn’t disappointed us here while on the promo trail for his new film, House of Gucci.

Because he’s worth it, right?

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Why We Love It:

He’s totally unrecognisable in his new film, House of Gucci, hidden under layers of prosthetics and a receding hairline as Paolo Gucci.

But, post filming, Jared Leto’s long, tousled hairstyle is back to its usual fine form, with his raven lengths looking lush and artfully dishevelled.

He might have what is known in women’s hair circles as a layered lob (aka a long bob) but MFH is here for borrowing from the girls when it looks as good as this.

Plus the length doesn’t overwhelm his delicate, pretty, features unlike this style he had a while ago.

But, with his preternaturally youthful looks, MFH also wonders just how many portraits the 49-year-old has hidden in his attic. Dorian Gray anyone?


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • This long, tousled lob is a layered, shoulder length ‘bob’ cut.
  • If your hair is fine, ask your stylist to keep the layers subtle so it doesn’t thin your hair out too much.
  • If you hair is thick, you’ll need them to cut more layers to take the weight out of the hair.

Get The Look

  • A long, tousled hairstyle might look easy but you can bet there has been a lot of prep involved.
  • It is important to keep your hair in great condition, using nourishing products and an overnight hair mask once a week.
  • Don’t wash your hair every day. In between washes, freshen it up with dry shampoo.
  • Use salt spray on damp hair. Then spritz with a heat protecting spray.
  • As you blow dry it, scrunch and twist it into tousled waves.
  • Or you can even use a small curling wand and half wrap pieces of hair around it for loose waves like Jared’s.
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