Tobi Lou: Long Afro Hair Styled in Bunches

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Rapper Tobi Lou has been wearing his long Afro hair in bunches recently and it totally works for the TikTok star.

We love how cool a traditionally feminine hairstyle looks on the ‘Buff Baby’ rapper.

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Why We Love It:

Only rapper and TikTok sensation Tobi Lou could sport bunches and still look cool. This might be a hard one to pull off for the average man but if you’ve got medium to long Afro hair, why not give Tobi Lou’s look a go?

To keep medium to long Afro hair in good condition, we recommend investing in some quality hair treatments. If you’re going for bunches matte paste is your pal for ensuring your style has hold and any flyaways stay in place.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Medium to long Afro hair like Tobi Lou’s needs regular maintenance from your barber. You want to be getting a cut every 8-12 weeks.
  • If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair like the rapper make sure you always go to a professional as they will be able to lift Afro hair while minimising damage. Afro hair tends to be drier than European hair, so extra care needs to be taken when applying colour.

Get The Look

  • Start by brushing through your hair using a wide tooth comb to ensure it’s knot-free.
  • Next part hair in the centre and split hair into two sections.
  • Gather one side of the hair into your hand and brush the hair from the top, the sides and the bottom.
  • Next secure the hair in place by tying a bobble around the bunch.
  • Repeat on the other side!
  • Fix any flyaways with dab of matte paste.
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