Cristiano Ronaldo: Grown Out Long Hair Worn in a Man Bun

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Cristiano Ronaldo likes to play the field with his hairstyles, but we prefer his hair when it’s grown-out and long on the top and then styled in a man bun or simply loosely swept back.

MFH says

We much prefer Cristiano Ronaldo’s casual grown-out look to his precise buzz cut hairstyle. It’s laidback, relaxed and shows more of his sporty side.

Either worn in a man bun or loosely tossed back with a touch of texturising or thickening product, this hairstyle is a practical way to wear long hair.

On the product front it’s quite low maintenance. You could use some high shine pomade if you want to re-create the wet look that Cristiano sometimes sport post-match. Go for matte products if you want to avoid the sheen.

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  • Ask your barber for an undercut with clippers and to leave hair long and scissor cut on top to mimic Cristiano Ronaldo’s grown out hairstyle.
  • Keep length in the front and centre to ensure that it is long enough for you to tie it back into a bun, ponytail or top knot.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyle is a very relaxed style so you won’t need much product here.
  • A sea salt spray would add a bit more texture, if you have very straight hair.
  • If you have thin hair, try a volumising product to add some density to the look.
  • If you want to slick back hair rather than wear in a man bun, a wax or a pomade with a high sheen finish will add some drama.



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