Ashton Kutcher: Long Layered Hairstyle With Irregular Parting

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This long hairstyle with a zig zag parting is quintessential Ashton Kutcher – glossy and tousled. The layered long hairstyle looks so healthy (although we’re not sure about the zig zag parting!)

MFH says

Long shoulder length hairstyles are back in a big way – and none are more iconic than Ashton Kutcher’s from the early 2010s.

To get Ashton’s look it’s all about getting shiny, healthy hair. This cut works great on hair that is straight, if you’ve got fine hair be sure to use volumising products so hair doesn’t look limp and a touch of pomade to bring the shine.

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  • For Ashton Kutcher’s 00s, long hairstyle you’ll want a layered scissor cut.
  • If you prefer, you could ask your barber or stylist to shape hair around the face. Ashton kept the front part of his hair long enough to tuck behind his ears.
  • Ashley’s hair sits just above his shoulders but it could easily be taken longer. Avoid taking layers too short to avoid a mullet (unless of course you want a mullet-inspired style!)
  • We love how glossy Ashton Kutcher’s hairstyle looks. When washing hair use a shampoo that promotes great condition and shine.
  • If hair is on the thin side, then apply pre-styling products such as sea salt spray to add texture to towel dried hair.
  • Leave hair to air dry to get that laidback look of Ashton’s.
  • Achieve the tousled, but glossy, look at home by working a pomade through hair when dry.



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