Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer

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With LightCare™ technology, Zuvi Halo dries your hair faster or as fast as other premium hair dryers, while keeping your hair, and your scalp at a cooler temperature without heat damaging them.

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MFH says

I first saw the Zuvi Halo hair dryer at a press day last month. From then, I decided that I needed to get my hands on one!

At £329 ($349), this was a really hefty purchase but I really wanted to see if it was worth the hype!

What’s good:

  • It’s gentle on your hair.
  • It doesn’t burn.
  • It’s super-lightweight and looks good.
  • It consumes less energy than a standard hair dryer.

What’s bad:

  • It’s really expensive.
  • It’s trying to look a little like a Dyson.
  • The cable is too short.


Who’s it for? If you have longer hair or use a hair dryer every day, this is a great option for you. But if your hair is shorter or you don’t use a hair dryer much, this could be a stretch to justify such a cost.

What They Say

Product Information

  • Nature Inspired LightCare™ Technology
  • Fast Drying at Cooler & More Comfortable Temperature
  • LightCare™ Directly Dries Water on Hair Surface, Leaving the Internal Cortex +109% More Hydrated
    • Creates Healthier Hair
    • +38% Shinier Hair
    • +17% Smoother Hair
    • +57% Color Retention
    • +9% Stronger Hair

Inspired from nature evaporation – natural sunlight and wind, our patented LightCare™ technology that accelerates this process, while keeping your hair hydrated and healthy.

Unlike traditional hair dryers that use extreme heat wind to bake your hair, Zuvi Halo uses light energy to quickly dry the water on the surface of your hair, while leaving the inside hydrated and healthy.

By precisely delivering heat to the outer surface of your hair, Zuvi Halo uses 60% less energy (690W) than your old hair dryer. Each year you use Zuvi Halo instead of a traditional dryer, it’s equivalent to removing 60 lbs / 27 kg of CO2 or planting a tree.

Packaging: 4 Star
Styling: 5 Star
Finish: 5 Star
Value: 3 Star
Quality: 4 Star
Overall: 4 Star



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