James Anderson: Mid-High Drop Fade With Small Quiff

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He’s the England fast bowler with the ever-changing hair – but it’s James Anderson’s mid-high drop fade with small quiff that has bowled MFH over.



MFH says

“I guess I’ve always been a bloke who tries to make an effort,” James Anderson once said – and given the England bowler’s roster of hair looks  rivals David Beckham, MFH believes him. Not all have been as successful, though, as his current mid-high drop fade with small quiff.

As of August 2022, might have claimed 600 test wickets, but he has had almost as many hair looks.

He recently apologised for his array of disastrous haircuts over the years (which include an ill-advised red tinged faux hawk, and a platinum blonde crop). “First thing is to apologise for how bad my haircuts were — just inexcusable,” he admitted to The Times a couple of years ago.

We’ve all been there James…

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  • James Anderson’s mid-high drop fade with small quiff it’s all about toeing the line between a mid fade and a high fade.
  • This means the fade starts around the temple, but the drop fade means that there’s more hair at the sides than with a normal high fade.
  • The stylist will need to layer it the top of the hair leaving more bulk towards the front for the quiff.
  • James Anderson’s mid-high drop fade with small quiff is a versatile look.
  • In these photos, James hasn’t put much effort into styling it.
  • Apply mousse or texture spray, then a little matt clay for shine and hold.
  • Then roughly blow dry your hair on medium heat using your fingers. Push hair up as you’re styling it and use your fingers to give the front a gentle quiff.
  • Or if your hair is longer, use a round hairbrush and loosely wrap it around the fringe. Gently pull the hair up and to the side.
  • Finish off with some hairspray.
  • You can also wear your hair slicked down and to the side for a suave, retro look.
  • Or have fun by messing around with the texture.



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