Bad Bunny: Slicked Back Medium Length Hair With Undercut And Side Part

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The Puerto Rican is a global music superstar who’s as well known for his experimental style and hair looks as his music. Bad Bunny’s slicked back medium-length hair with undercut and side part might look classic, but it still has an edge.

And how good does it look with that Jacqeumus suit?

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Why We Love It:

Bad Bunny’s slicked back medium-length hair with undercut and side part is a serious vibe – and MFH is here for it.

The singer, whose natural hair is a riot of tight curls, might have had a team to help him create this look but you curly haired people can do it at home yourself (check out the How To section).

 As for Bad Bunny’s hairstyle experiments, he gave a video interview to Allure magazine where he ran through various statement hair looks he’s had over the years – with barely a flinch.

(MFH has nothing but admiration for a man who owns his barnet boo boos with a nonchalant shrug.)

On seeing a pic of himself with intricate designs shaved into a No 1 buzz cut, he said: “You’ll always have a lot that you regret. Or maybe not that you regret, but…I see a photo now and I think ‘that day I thought I crushed it, but now I realise I looked awful’”.

When it comes to that legendary fluorescent lime buzz cut he commented: “I wanted to combine it with my suit which was a vibrant lavender [colour] so I lit my head with green fire.”

And his best advice when it comes to style and hair? “I don’t feel I can give any advice I think everyone should get to know themselves…their body, their tasted and preferences and to follow that without worrying about if someone else doesn’t like it.”

Bravo BB, bravo.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Bad Bunny’s medium-length hair with undercut is proving to be very versatile with this statement slicked back vibe and side part.
  • His hair length on top is like a short bob that goes to the bottom of his ear lobes. But it’s still possible if you have shorter hair too – discuss with your barber.
  • There’s quite a few different undercut styles too so also chat it through with your hairdresser first – you can have disconnected, tapered, and faded.
  • Once you’ve chosen the desired hair length and undercut style, your stylist will section the hair and begin cutting.
  • For the undercut they’ll use clippers to shave the sides and back of your head.

Get The Look

  • Bad Bunny’s slicked back medium-length hair with undercut and side part you’ll need to use a lot of product and have a lot of patience if you have very naturally curly hair like he does.
  • Be aware the straightening process is very damaging for the hair so this is not a style to do regularly.
  • Wash and condition your hair, then add in some leave in conditioner to give it some nourishment.
  • Then spritz the hair generously from roots to tips with a heat protecting product, too.
  • Split your hair into sections and blow dry each area as straight as you can, using a round brush.
  • Put your straighteners on to heat them up and clip your hair up so you can start with the underlayers first, gradually working your way through to the top layers of the hair.
  • Start straightening your hair inch by inch (you’ll get the best results by doing one small section at a time) from the roots to tip.
  • The next step is to apply a shiny, high hold pomade.
  • Comb it through the hair, and part it in a severe side part.
  • If you want extra hold, give it a spritz with some strong hold hairspray to finish.
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