Maawan Rizwan: Quiff With Low Skin Fade

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Actor/comedian Maawan Rizwan’s quiff with low skin fade is the perfect example of a classic hairstyle given a modern twist. Love.



MFH says

Maawan Rizwan’s quiff with low skin fade is a great way to give a classic hairstyle a bit of an edge.

MFH loves the way Maawan has pulled a curl from the quiff down onto his forehead. (Elvis would approve, no?)

But the skin fade at the sides is what gives Maawan’s hair the modern twist.

High skin fades can look quite severe, but this low skin fade gives the 31-year-old a youthful, modern vibe without looking too harsh.

Another bonus is that when the fade grows out, the haircut will still look on point – so if you can’t keep up with that regular fade maintenance, then you don’t need to worry.


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  • Maawan Rizwan’s quiff with low skin fade is a mix of classic and modern.
  • The hair on top is longer – about an inch or so – with lots of texture achieved via layers/point cutting.
  • The fringe is a little bit longer – around an inch and a half – to enable it to be shaped into that soft quiff.
  • The hair at the sides has been skillfully blended and shaved into a low skin fade.
  • The hair at the back is cut in close to the head.
  • Maawan Rizwan’s quiff with low skin fade is perfect for his straight, thick hair.
  • But it’s a look that would work for finer hair, too – it’d just involve more product.
  • For Maawan’s hair, it’s all about getting a gritty texture which you can get by spritzing in a sea salt spray or texture spray onto to damp hair.
  • Then part the hair on the side.
  • As you blowdry the hair, use a vent brush to shape the hair into a quiff.
  • When the hair is dry, you can use a paste – pomade, clay, wax, whatever your preference – to add more shape to the quiff.
  • Take a thick piece of the hair at the front and use a small amount of product to shape it into a curl that sits on the forehead.
  • You can add hairspray to the quiff to help with staying power.



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