Nicholas Galitzine: Slicked Down Side Parted Taper Hairstyle

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Actor Nicholas Galitzine’s slicked down side parted taper is a hairstyle that, when styled with skill, looks incredibly elegant and refined.

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classic slicked back taper hairstyle works really well with a deep side parting like Cinderella actor Nicholas Galitzine’s.

The regal hairstyle (literally!) looks great on the Prince Charming actor – his refined slicked down look can be recreated with pomade or gel and finished with a hairspray that gives a light sheen.

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  • To nail Nicholas Galitzine’s side parted hairstyle ask your barber for a tapered scissor cut all over, leaving the top at least layers 2-3 inches long.
  • The classic style should be left long enough on the sides and the back to showcase the tapered cut.
  • You can then get your barber to give you a strong side parting and show you how to style this cut slicked down like the Prince Charming actor.
  • Towel dry hair spritz then use a pin comb to get your side parting perfectly neat.
  • Next, use a fine tooth comb to slick hair up and back on the side of your parting with more hair and back and slicked down on the other side.
  • To get Nicholas Galitzine’s sheen, apply a gel or a pomade with a touch of shine. Pat in your chosen product. Unlike textured hairstyles, you don’t want to target the roots. So, don’t massage it in just yet.
  • Let the product settle for 15-20 seconds.
  • Run your hands through your hair to distribute the product evenly.
  • Then comb through again. Finish with a light layer of hairspray to fix the style in place.




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