Diego Calva: Short Slicked Back Hair

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He plays a poor wannabe turned Hollywood big wig in Babylon – and IRL Diego Calva’s short, slicked back red carpet hair look also says ‘movie mogul‘, no?

It’s a classic, smooth AF vibe, regardless…

MFH says

Diego Calva’s short, slicked back hair has taken a leaf out of Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair playbook.

Well, if you’re going to nick a vibe from anyone, it may as well be the greatest actor of his generation, right?

Although Diego’s hair is pretty great when it’s left in its natural, wavy state too. Or with a straight, floppy fringe. Or even cut short and choppy with a textured fringe

Frankly, MFH has come to the conclusion that Diego’s hair never looks bad. Fact.

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  • Diego Calva’s short, slicked back hair is cut shorter and tighter around the back and sides (with small sideburns.)
  • The top of the hair has been left longer so that it can be easily slicked back.
  • This means his hair can also be worn with his natural curls and waves as it is here on Diego’s Instagram.
  • Diego Calva’s short, slicked back hair is quite a versatile look.
  • He can smooth a wet-look product on it, and comb it back for the slick red carpet look he has in these photos.
  • Or he can opt for an extreme side part and slick it to the side for a more 1940s vibe like Giovanni Pernice.
  • Another option for if you have a similar thick, curly/wavy barnet to Diego’s hair is to just use a little sea salt spray and let it air dry naturally into natural waves as per this shot from his Instagram.
  • Diego’s hair is incredibly shiny, so he clearly takes care of it.
  • This means using gentle shampoos and conditioners, and not washing it too much (ideally just once or twice a week).
  • Never rub your hair dry with a towel – to stop hair looking frizzy and fluffy, it’s best to gently pat out the moisture.
  • Even better, wrap it up in an old cotton T-shirt to soak up the water before letting it air dry if you can.
  • You can also use a leave-in conditioner to nourish your hair throughout the day, and once a week or so, treat your barnet to a deep conditioning treatment.



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