Danny Ramirez: Long Curly Hair Slicked Down With Centre Parting

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Actor Danny Ramirez might be an up and comer on the acting circuit, but his barnet gives him leading man status: his long curly hairstyle slicked down with a centre parting is a masterclass in how to give curls a red carpet glow up.

MFH says

Seen most recently as Fanboy in Top Gun: Maverick, MFH is fanboying over Danny Ramirez’s long curly hairstyle slicked down with a centre parting.

The American actor (who has Columbian and Mexican heritage) is blessed with thick, dark curls that he loves experimenting with.

In fact, Danny is a bit of a hair chameleon – he’s had it short and side parted, a super-cropped crew cut for Top Gun, medium length curls, and slicked right back into a pony tail to name a handful.

And each hairstyle makes him look completely different – handy when you’re an actor.

But this slick look with severe centre parting was an appropriately suave style for the Top Gun: Maverick premiere in London. And keeping the bottom of his hair softer and wavy was a winning strategy- it gives the whole look a bit of flattering softness to balance the severity of the top and sides.




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  • Danny Ramirez’s long curly hairstyle slicked down with a centre parting is more about the products and the styling.
  • But his natural, curly hair is thick and full of volume.
  • His hairstylist would trim it regularly and probably take some of the weight out of it so that it sits better.
  • When it’s wet, his hair is probably down to about shoulder length.
  • Danny Ramirez’s long curly hairstyle slicked down with a centre parting is the right balance of severity and softness.
  • When your hair is wet, part it in the centre with a comb, using your nose as a guide to where the parting should be.
  • Brush it down close to the skull, being careful not to drag or pull the hair too harshly. Use a boar bristle brush which helps your hair look healthy and smooth.
  • Use a high shine, strong hold pomade – use a 50p sized amount at first, rub between your hands and then smooth it into your hair at the sides and front.
  • Apply more pomade as needed.
  • Brush your hair down and then pull the sides back into a small bun in the middle of the back of your head (this will help hold the slick style), leaving the bottom of your hair loose and curly.
  • Use a little pomade on the curls at the bottom, too, so when the curls dry, they’ll look shiny and a little wet, too.
  • You could also do this hairstyle without the centre part (see the second photo of Danny), or you could do it with a side parting.



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