Will Poulter: Short Quiff Hairstyle

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Marvel actor Will Poulter’s quiff hairstyle proves that versatile top length + a classic short back and sides = the ultimate dream team.

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Why We Love It:

Will Poulter’s short quiff hairstyle is almost as versatile as the actor himself.

Sure, it might not have starring roles in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, We’re the Millers and Dopesick on its CV like Will.

But a haircut like this – with shorter back/sides and more length on top – offers countless styling options.

You could opt for a quiff with loads of relaxed volume at the front. Then how about something with a side part (like actors Nicholas Galitzine and Ted Lasso’s Phil Dunster); or super sleek and slicked back with a Jon Kortajarena vibe?

Just let your barber know you’re keen on this versatility, so they can chop with that in mind. Too easy.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For Will Poulter’s short quiff hairstyle, go for a short or tapered back and sides. Your barber can do this with scissors or clippers, depending on the length and finish you’re after.
  • Ask them to leave a fair bit more length on top – at least a few inches – so you have plenty of styling options.
  • This top can be blended with the shorter back and sides to create a softer cut.
  • Your barber may also build in layers and texture, with more bulk left towards the front for styling.

Get The Look

  • For your own take on Will Poulter’s short quiff hairstyle, work some pre-styling product into gently-towel-dried hair. A little heat-protecting mousse or a few spritzes of sea salt spray will do the trick.
  • Next, loosely sweep your hair up and back off your face with your hands or a comb.
  • Blow dry in an upwards direction to build volume, while using your fingers to sculpt that relaxed quiff and shape at the front.
  • Warm a pea-sized amount of styling product (try something with a malleable, medium hold) between your hands, then run it through your hair from front to back.
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