Kit Connor: Messy Quiff Hairstyle With Length On Top

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He’s Heartstopper‘s cute boy-next-door rugby player with an equally cute hairstyle, but off-set Kit Connor’s messy quiff hairstyle with length on top makes more of a fashion statement.

Well, this photograph is from the Loewe show, during Paris Menswear Fashion Week so go figure…

MFH says

Kit Connor’s messy quiff hairstyle with length on top turns Heartstopper’s boy-next-door into quite the stylish chap about town.

And it seems the young actor is quite into that vibe, stating in a recent Vogue interview that he’s always been into fashion.

He namechecked James Dean, Marlon Brando and Paul Newman as his style inspo (hence his modern take on the 50s quiff).

At just 19, he’s already got his head screwed on about all things hair and style.

MFH has high hopes for him…

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  • Kit Connor’s messy quiff hairstyle with length on top is only just a little shorter at the sides and back.
  • It looks like Kit has a very subtle undercut  underneath at the sides.
  • Which could also be a fun point of interest to add so ask your stylist about whether it would work with your cut and your hair.
  • Kit’s hairstylist has point cut it all over to add some texture / layers to help achieve that messy, textured look.
  • Kit Connor’s messy quiff hairstyle with length on top is all about having fun product.
  • And making the product look obvious!
  • Apply a texture spray or volume mousse to towel dried hair.
  • Then run a little wax/clay/pomade through your hair (rub it between your hands first to warm it up) and then tousle it through your hair.
  • Give it a quick dry with your hairdryer, tousling it as you dry it.
  • Lift it up into a side quiff like Kit’s as you dry it.
  • Add more more product – bit by bit – when the hair is the end to make the texture more piecy and tousled.
  • Pull some pieces down at the sides like Kit has done.



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