Tom Hardy: Short Sides And Long On Top Hairstyle

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Tom Hardy knows a thing or two about working a short sides and long on top haircut. Just like the actor himself, this style is versatile – so the wearer can style it slick with a high shine or brushed back with matte texture depending on the occasion or mood.


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One of the distinguishing features of Tom Hardy’s short sides and long on top hair style is a disconnected undercut. It helps to balance out the length on top and is great for guys with fine or thinner hair.

You’ll want a good pomade in your grooming arsenal to recreate Tom’s slicked back style and a matte clay for his more textured take on the cut.

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  • Ask your barber to clipper your hair to half an inch on the back and sides and disconnect them from the hair on top with an undercut.
  • To get definition on top, your barber will want to use scissors. This means when you come to style it at home you’ve got plenty of texture to work with.
  • After washing and towel drying your hair apply a styling product such as a matte clay for a textured, slightly more messy look.
  • If you’re going for a slicker style reach for a pomade with a slight sheen to it and comb the hair back towards your crown.



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