Lucky Blue Smith: Bleached Blonde Buzz Cut

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Male supermodel Lucky Blue Smith was originally well-recognised for his James Dean-esque floppy hair but more recently he’s transformed his look and gone for a more dramatic bleached blonde buzz cut.

MFH says

Lucky Blue Smith can make any hairstyle work for him.

Although I love the longer length hairstyle, this bleach blonde buzz cut still looks great. It’s edgy and has loads of personality.

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  • Buzz cut.
  • Bleached blonde.
  • Ask for a grade 1 on the clippers all over.
  • If you want to bite the bullet and dye your hair bleached blonde, like Lucky Blue Smith, make sure you speak to a professional about it.
  • Bleached hair can be high maintenance, so make sure you use a silver/purple shampoo to prevent it from going a brassy yellow tone.
  • Buzz cut all over with the clippers on a grade 1.

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