Bruno Mars: Long Afro Hairstyle

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There is hardly ever a hair out of place with Bruno Mars‘ long afro. Whether he wears it loose or tight, it’s always well groomed and styled. A key to this hairstyle is keeping the hair healthy.

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Why We Love It:

Bruno Mars’ style is effortlessly cool and his hair works perfectly into that!

Go and see a barber that specialises in Afro-Caribbean hair for this haircut and style.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Find a barber that is experienced in cutting Afro-Caribbean hair.
  • The hair needs to be cut into a rounded shape.

Get The Look

  • For tight curly afro hair, it needs to be maintained and nourished.
  • Tease the curls out to achieve your desired volume.
  • Use a nourishing conditioner to treat the hair, and a specialised styling cream to keep the hair smooth without any frizz.
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