Channing Tatum: Classic Buzz Cut Hairstyle

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With chiseled features like Channing Tatum, you can easily get away with shaving all your hair off. He has a perfectly shaped head for it as well. This classic buzz cut is as about as low maintenance as hairstyles get: the hair is kept one length all over, all you need is a decent pair of clippers.

MFH says

A buzz cut like Channing Tatum’s is the perfect way to emphasise strong, chiselled features (look at that jawline!).


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  • Classic buzz cut (also known as the Induction buzz cut).
  • Should be clipper cut, possibly without the guard, and with the same length all over.
  • You can easily create this hairstyle by yourself at home. Just make sure you have a good quality set of clippers.
  • No need for any styling product here, apart from a decent shampoo and conditioner to look after your scalp.



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