Matt Goss: French Crop

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The 80s pop star usually hides his barnet under a huge hat, which is a shame as Matt Goss’ french crop is a stylish classic that suits his super-fine hair.

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Why We Love It:

Though he debuted a strange-coloured crew cut on Strictly recently, MFH loves Matt Goss’ altogether more natural looking, blonde french crop.

The lead singer of 80s pop sensation, Bros, Matt’s hair is very fine and is potentially thinning.

Which is possibly why he’s usually hiding it under his hat, literally and metaphorically.

However, this cropped hairstyle is brushed forward and has a little texture so it disguises any slightly thinning areas really well.

Though MFH would like to see him playing around with the texture more so it doesn’t look quite so Action-Man pristine…


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For Matt Goss’ classic french crop discuss with your barber what clipper guard you want on your cut first. This will determine the length on top.
  • You could go shorter and more severe. But MFH thinks Matt’s hair would also suit being a little longer.
  • If you’re nervous, start by going for a more subtle version. You can always go for a stronger look next time.

Get The Look

  • To style Matt Goss’ classic french crop you can just wash and go.
  • Or you could play around with the texture a little.
  • Simply use a little firm hold wax, clay or pomade on dry hair. Warm it between your fingers first, then tousle your hair when it’s dry.
  • You could also push it up into a mini quiff by simply pushing the hair upwards with the product. You can also set it with some light hairspray if you feel it’s necessary.
  • In between washes, simply use dry shampoo to freshen it up and give it a little grit to help with texture.
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