Tim Schaecker: Textured Hairstyle With Length On Top

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You can bet that TikTok superstar Tim Schaecker’s textured hairstyle with length on top is a hugely requested cut all over the world – the bloke has 8.8m followers…

MFH says

You might think Tim Schaecker’s textured hairstyle with length on top is OK for someone who is blessed with thick, glossy, wavy hair.

And yes, it does help.

BUT even those with finer hair can pull this off with the right cut and products.

Tim manages to blow dry and mould his hairstyle in a few minutes – check out his tutorial on TikTok

Never fear, though, if you’ve got a great barber/hairstylist, you too can be out of your front door with your Schaecker-esque bonce looking seriously on point.

Simply read the ‘what to ask your barber’ and ‘how to’ sections for more info and check out the product recommendations.

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  • Tim Schaecker’s textured hairstyle with length on top is about getting the right cut for your hair thickness and texture.
  • If you have a regular barber/stylist you like then take pictures of the cut and discuss it with them.
  • However, if you don’t have a regular hairstylist, it’s worth ‘shopping around’.
  • Book free consultations with a few until you find someone you feel understands what you want.
  • Also check out their Instagram feeds for examples of haircuts on similar hair to your own.
  • This cut is all about getting the right sort of layers and texture for your hair type.
  • If you have really fine hair compared to Tim’s then you’ll probably need to go shorter with even choppier layers which will stop the hair from falling flat.
  • Tim Schaecker’s textured hairstyle with length on top shouldn’t be too hard to style if it has been cut well.
  • If your hair is much finer than Tim’s use a texture spray or a sea salt spray first on damp hair to give it some grit.
  • Then blow dry it, tousling the hair as you go.
  • Afterwards, shape the hair with some matt clay pomade and shape it into the textured style Tim has.
  • Lift it a little at the fringe area, too.
  • If you need a little more grit and oomph, add a little styling powder and tousle it more.
  • Spritz with hairspray if you want more staying power.



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