Sebastian Stan: Swept Back Medium Length Hair

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Sebastian Stan’s swept back medium length hair is quite a grown-up and dare MFH say it – conservative – vibe for the hair chameleon.

It made MFH look twice though as he’s not as recognisable…

MFH says

Sebastian Stan’s swept back medium length hair definitely makes him look older.

Usually one for a shorter, more severe cut like this high fade and this French crop, he may well be rocking longer lengths for a role.

While the longer hair makes him *whispers* older than his 40 years – it does soften his icy good looks.

And that well-trimmed beard adds another softening element to his features.

It’s less Russian-spy-who’d-poison-you-at-your-own-dinner-table, and more of an approachable ‘I’m-a-twinkly-eyed-bloke-who-is-up-for-a-laugh-and-a-few-beers,’ no?

But if MFH were to be honest – which I always am – he can keep the beard, but cut the hair shorter at the back and ruffle it a bit on top for more texture.

Just sayin’.

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  • Sebastian Stan’s swept back medium length hair is relatively low maintenance.
  • But you’ll need regular trims to help it keep its shape and stop it looking messy.
  • Sebastian’s hair sits about an inch above collar length.
  • The top and sides are long – but the stylist probably used the scissors-over-comb technique to add in some layers for movement and to get rid of heaviness.
  • Sebastian Stan’s swept back medium length hair is in really good health.
  • Use a good shampoo that cleanses hair and scalp without drying it out.
  • If you’ve been using a lot of product like pomade in your hair, shampoo it twice.
  • Never skip conditioner – good looking hair needs moisture. Leave it for a few minutes before rinsing.
  • Brush hair gently using a tangle teaser so you don’t damage it.
  • Use a smoothing product to get rid of any frizz/fluff.
  • Use a pea-sized sized dollop and run through damp hair.
  • Then apply some matt pomade/clay or similar – whatever your preference.
  • Dry hair on medium heat, with a vented brush.
  • The aim is to smooth the hair and gently sweep it back.
  • For that subtle quiff, pull the hair up slightly as you blow dry, then blow dry then gently ease it back.
  • Use more product if you need more hold.
  • Spritz lightly with hairspray so it stays in place.



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