Robin James: 4 Back And Sides With Medium Length, Textured Top

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The shortest I’ve had my hair in some time. This hairstyle is all about choppy texture!

MFH says

I love having this style. It’s a really easy haircut to style with and you can go as messy or as neat as you like. See what to ask your barber below!

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  • Ask for a 4 back and sides with a scissor cut on top.
  • Your barber should point-cut into the hair on top to really up the texture.
  • The neckline should be a tight taper.
  • Use your usual hair pre-styler (I use thickening) to give your hair a boost.
  • If your hair is already thick, spritz a little sea salt spray into the lengths of your hair.
  • Use a hair dryer to scrunch and dry – working the texture in.
  • Sprinkle a little hair powder into the roots of your hair and work through the length.
  • Finish with styling and defining with a matte clay. I’m using Moroccanoil Texture Clay.



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