Harry Styles: Brit Awards 2021 Hairstyle

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Harry Styles has changed his hair up again – he’s gone a tad shorter for the Brit Awards 2021, compared to his longer hairstyle at the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards.

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Why We Love It:

Harry Styles paired his shorter hairstyle with a Gucci suit straight out of the 70s at the Brit Awards 2021.

You can’t see Harry’s natural curls as much with this hairstyle but he still makes it look effortlessly chic. Let’s be honest the spotlight is firmly on his patchwork suit, not his hair though!

Add texture with a sea salt spray and add a touch of pomade for to re-create that evening sheen Harry’s hair has.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • You’ll need to have length on top and in your fringe to get Harry Style’s Brit Awards 2021 hairstyle.
  • Firstly, find a barber who can work with curly hair.
  • Your barber will scissor cut all over and use clippers to taper down to your neck.
  • Then point cut to add texture to the top of the hair.

Get The Look

  • To re-create Harry Styles’ hair at home create a base full of volume with a shampoo like Sachajuan Ocean Mist.
  • If you’ve got curly hair, dry naturally or use a diffuser on your hairdryer.
  • You can still work this look with straight hair!
  • For more volume, use a mousse as a pre-styler, to build volume.
  • Harry has gone for a slightly wet-look finish, so reach for a pomade to get that shine.
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