Robert Downey Jr: Taper With Small Quiff Hairstyle

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Robert Downey Jr’s hairstyle is a modern-day classic – a neat but textured taper with a side parting styled into a quiff. Classic, but not ground-breaking.

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Why We Love It:

Dark Widow actor Robert Downey Jr’s taper hairstyle is a great style for a man of a certain age and it really softens any greys.

To style this look, it’s all about using a matte product like a clay, volume powder or a wax to add workable texture.

In terms of maintenance, go see your barber every couple of weeks to keep your taper in shape. Experiment with facial hair like Robert does to add something more unique to the look.

It’s not the most out-there style, but it’s a classic done well.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • To get Robert Downey Jr’s hairstyle ask your barber for a taper on the back and sides.
  • You’ll want it cut square on the sides, with more length at the the front and on top so that you can style it into a small quiff like Robert’s.
  • Get your barber to pointcut to add texture through the top of the hair.

Get The Look

  • After washing, towel dry your hair.
  • To get Robert Downey Jr’s textured look, work a little wax or clay into your hands and rub together.
  • Lightly brush through the hair. Work back to front, and then front to back to ensure it’s worked throughout hair.
  • Work your hands through your hair, teasing the hair into textured strands.
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