Barber Skill: 5 Star
Level of Maintenance: 5 Star
Styling Difficulty: 3 Star
Texture: 5 Star
Fashion forward: 4 Star
Overall: 5 Star


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MFH says

Find a barber that can fade like Dan! Love the contrast of texture and weight on the top versus the sharp fade on the back and sides.

  • Cropped fringe.
  • Use a razor to break up the fringe and ‘shatter’ the ends for a serrated finish.
  • Skin fade – should be a 0 at the nape of the neck working up to a 2 and blending into the top.
  • Leave the length in the top.
  • Start with a T Section from just in front of the crown down to the fringe.
  • Then separate from the middle to either recession point keeping it completely straight (not following the hairline) and cut to a desired length.
  • Work back to the apex (middle) of the head in the same sections.
  • Then starting from the T at just before the crown cut in the length that you like, the longer the better for more of a harsh effect.
  • Work down the middle to either side following the guide from the back.
  • Then use the razor to break up the fringe and shatter the ends to give a serrated finish and work through from side to side sliding the razor through to break up the top and force texture in different ways.
  • Dry it off into the style then start on your fade.
  • Start from a number 2 and blend into the top.
  • Then place the 0 line in, using the trimmers and then foil.
  • Concentrate on the skin fade working though the guards and lever until happy.
  • Finish off by cutting the crown into place.
  • Dan used the LHD No.1 Texture Salt Spray to add texture, and you can see other sea salt sprays here.
  • Use a small amount of clay to define the ends of the hair.


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