High Skin Fade With Small Quiff

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This high skin fade haircut with a small quiff is a precise and neat style. Make friends with your barber to keep the hairstyle looking sharp.

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A high skin fade with a bit of texture through the top is great for guys with thinner hair. Sure, it’s not the most fashion forward style out there but it certainly has a place in the men’s hair hall of fame for its neat and tidy look.

Easily styled with either a wax or matte clay, you’ll want to add texture to the top to balance out the extremely close fade.

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  • To get this look ask your barber for a high skin fade sides with foils.
  • You want them to leave the blend line high on the head and to get a really smooth, flawless fade.
  • To get texture on the top ask your barber to cut the top of your hair.
  • This style is great if you have thinning hair. Be sure to visit your barber at least every 4 weeks to maintain the look.
  • To style your skin fade haircut, after washing hair let it dry naturally.
  • Finish by working a clay, wax or another product with a matte finish, into dry hair. This will add a bit of hold to your style and keep your hair looking thick.



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