Gary Oldman: Medium Length Hairstyle With Widow’s Peak

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Gary Oldman has a stellar acting career and a great hairstyle to match. His go-to look is brushed back long layers which accentuate his widow’s peak.

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Why We Love It:

Gary Oldman’s go-to is a medium length hairstyle worn brushed back to accentuate his widow’s peak. He’s had many acting roles (and many eclectic hairstyles to boot!) but we’re a fan of this classic look.

We love how the hairstyle can be worn slicked back or brushed back with more texture and volume. Pomade, clay and mousse are your new best friend if you want to add volume to your look.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Make your barber aware if you have a widow’s peak like Gary Oldman.
  • This is a medium length hairstyle, so keep enough length all over, particularly in the top.
  • You’ll want your barber to scissor cut this style to those soft long layers.

Get The Look

  • Gary Oldman doesn’t go in for lots of product, but it’s worth using some styling aids to keep the brushed back style in place and also to add volume.
  • Use a mousse or thickening spray before drying the hair to build up volume.
  • Apply a small amount pomade to keep it swept back and slick or a matte clay for texture.
  • Use your hands for a more natural look, or a wide-toothed comb to push the hair back.
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