Nabhaan Rizwan: Short Sides With Textured Crop

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This short on the sides and long on the top hairstyle looks awesome on Nabhaan Rizwan. The dual textures make it a winning look for most men and it can be easily styled at home.

MFH says

Short sides and a textured top is a winning combination look for many guys and it looks really good on Asian hair types too. It’s neat, easy to style and looks on-trend.

Style the top with either a volume powder or a matte clay, you’ll want to add texture to to avoid the style looking flat.

MFH likes how Nabhaan Rizwan’s sides aren’t blended like a fade – it’s much more of a harsh line. An interesting take on a traditional cut.

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  • To get this look ask your barber for a number one the sides (starting just above your ears) and length on top.
  • If you want to get Nabhaan Rizwan’s look exactly, don’t get your barber to blend the line between your longer and shorter hair length. But if you do want it blended, just ask for a fade.
  • To get the textured crop ask your barber to point cut the top of your hair square leaving length on the corners.
  • After washing hair, use a blow drier and rough dry the hair back.
  • Finish by working some texture powder or another product with a matte finish, into dry hair. This will add a bit of hold to your style and keep your hair looking thick.



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