Pete Wicks: Long Curly Haircut With Centre Part

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Former TOWIE favourite Pete Wicks proves the only way is a long curly haircut, plenty of shape and a classic centre part.

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Why We Love It:

There are so many things to love about Pete Wicks’ long curly haircut with centre part.

How it showcases his natural curls and texture. That tousled volume. The laidback-yet-smart vibe that totally completes his look for a GQ Men of the Year Awards 2023 after party.

Podcaster Pete (he co-hosts Staying Relevant with best mate Sam Thompson) is renowned for his long mane. The TV personality was known as Pirate Pete during his The Only Way Is Essex era, after all.

Intrigued to join the club? A longer chop gives you so much styling versatility – whether you want a polished swept-back look (like this one on Diego Luna), a rockstar feel à la Malcolm McRae, or simply need to tie it back for your weekly tennis match.

One secret to keeping long hair shiny, healthy and strong: get regular trims to deal with any split ends, breakage and potential damage. A wide-tooth comb and detangling spray are also game changers for gently navigating tangles and knots.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For Pete Wicks’ long curly haircut, track down a barber who is experienced in cutting curly hair. That way they’ll understand how to work with your natural curl pattern.
  • Pete has a shoulder-length style with a centre part.
  • Your barber may use texturising scissors or build in layers to create shape and movement, as well as balance out any bulk/weight.
  • Pete also rocks a short boxed beard. This classic style suits most face shapes and is characterised by its neat trim and sideburns.

Get The Look

  • To ace a look like Pete Wicks’ curly hairstyle, prep damp/wet hair with a moisturising product like a detangling conditioning spray or nourishing curl cream.
  • Gently towel dry your hair using a microfibre towel. This helps to reduce frizz and friction as well as drying time.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to create your centre part.
  • Work a few spritzes of sea salt or texturising spray into your hair. Also use a heat-protection product if you’re blow drying.
  • Blow dry on a low-to-medium setting to help ward off frizz and heat damage. As you dry, start gently pushing, flipping and moving your hair to build volume.
  • Using a diffuser attachment on the dryer can also help to spread and control the air flow, so curls stay structured.
  • When your hair is dry, warm a small amount of styling product – like a matte-finish clay or wax – between your hands, then work it through your hair.
  • Use your fingers to direct and shape that tousled look you’re after.
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